1989: Feedmix animal feeds introduced to the market

1996: Operations of the two extrusion plants in Malabon, serving the central Luzon market from Pangasinan and Isabela in the north and down to Laguna and Bicol I in the south.

1998: Groundbreaking of the Pulilan production plant site.

1999: Pulilan production plant makes its first production run with three extruder lines

2002: Completion of Quality Assurance and Research and Development laboratory facility

2003: Feedmix Aquasystems launched in the market

2004: Fisherfarms Inc., is founded to link Feedmix’s clients to the world market, first steps towards vertical integration

2005: First shipment of Fisherfarms processed seafoodproducts to America

2008: Performa SP & GT lines launched

2009: Launch of the Feedmix Aquaventurist Forum

2013: Expansion of vannamei shrimp operations and launch of Shrimp Performa

Awards & Certifications


All hatcheries and feeds manufacturing facilities are certified and regulated by the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

Fisher Farms

Products and facilities are certified by CUSDA (SSOP and HACCP), the EU (GMP), and the World Halal Council.

2012: Received the Superior Taste Award at the International Taste and Quality Institute in Belgium